Summertime is here, which means heat, vacations, and hopefully some down time. It is also a great time to complete the National Association of REALTORS®’ Fair Housing training tool, Fairhaven.

The platform takes learners to Fairhaven, a fictional town where real estate agents work towards closing four transactions while encountering various scenarios of discrimination and bias. You will switch between roles as the buyer and as the agent, as well as receive feedback on your performance that you can use real-time in the world of real estate.

As you all may recall, President Dalton challenged our members to complete Fairhaven—as a way for us to learn more about fair housing and demonstrate a commitment to ensuring that housing is truly fair. It is a fun, interactive tool that takes little time— only about an hour to complete.

We have created some friendly competition amongst our local Associations and Fairhaven. The top 5 local associations with the highest percentage of Fairhaven completion will be awarded at Centennial 2021: Virginia REALTORS® Annual Convention. Want to see your local association honored? You can help them get int the top 5! August 31st is the cutoff date for honoring the local Associations, but REALTORS® can take the Fairhaven tool any time.

For more information on Fairhaven and its importance, read Welcome to Fairhaven! NAR’s New Interactive Tool Around Fair Housing. Let’s stay committed to ensuring that housing is, indeed, fair.