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REALTOR® and Local Association Legislative Request Form

All requests must be submitted using the following form. Requests received through any other means will be returned to the sender so that they can be resubmitted through this form. Virginia REALTORS® Government Relations staff are available to help with formatting and crafting requests.

Virginia REALTORS® will consider legislative requests that are within the scope of the association’s Bylaws stated purpose and objects as follows:

Virginia REALTORS® Bylaws Section 2. Purpose.
The Association shall be a non-profit corporation having the purpose, in concert with its Member Associations, to enhance the ability of its members to achieve career success in an ethical and professional manner and to promote and protect private property rights. The objects of this Association shall be to unite local associations of REALTORS®, hereinafter referred to as Member Associations, their members, and REALTOR® and REALTOR®-ASSOCIATE members in the Commonwealth of Virginia for the purpose of exerting effectively a combined influence upon matters affecting real estate, to elevate the standards of the real estate business throughout the state and the professional conduct of persons engaged therein.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a request form for a state legislative (law) change or addition to be included in the state legislative agenda. If there are multiple changes or new state laws you would like to request, each must be submitted using a separate electronic request form. Requests for the Virginia REALTORS® to create state association education, new initiatives, studies, or provide letters of support for federal initiatives do not fall within the legislative agenda. These requests should be sent to the attention of the President by separate letter or e-mail through the office of the CEO.

REALTOR® sponsors along with their Local Association Executive (or AE’s designee), and local government affairs directors will be invited to explain their request before the Virginia REALTORS® Public Policy Committee during the Legislative Agenda Review process.

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