Advocacy is the TOP STRATEGIC PRIORITY of the Virginia REALTORS®.


Virginia Capitol BuildingWhat does that mean? It means that as a business association, our primary work is to ensure that our members’ voices are heard as decisions are made about the laws and regulations that shape our industry. For the Virginia REALTORS®, it also means representing the interests of consumers – the homebuyers, sellers, and renters, and the commercial tenants who are directly impacted by changes in things like affordability, taxation, and ordinances.

Virginia REALTORS® advocacy takes shape in a lot of ways.


It’s not just about carrying your message to government officials. It means participating in the process of who gets elected so that Virginia REALTORS® are confident that their lawmakers and representatives are mindful of our industry’s concerns and opportunities for growth. Advocacy means ensuring that the public knows what our industry does and is aware of the magnitude of REALTOR® impact on Virginia’s economy and every one of our communities.