Issues Mobilization

The Virginia REALTORS® Issues Mobilization Fund was established to provide resources to the state and local associations to conduct research, public awareness campaigns, and other advocacy efforts.

Fund activities may include:

  • Ballot measure campaigns
  • Grassroots lobbying and public awareness campaigns such as paid media (digital, TV, radio, newspaper advertisements), letter-writing campaigns, or other creation of other promotional materials
  • Hosting educational forums intended to raise awareness about an issue
  • Contributions to, or in conjunction with, other grassroots lobbying organizations concerning a common issue
  • Expenses associated with advocacy issues, such as a contract employing a professional advocate, legal services, or participation in key seminars and workshops
  • Data collection to assist with the development of strategies such as polling and research
  • Development of strategic policy plans such as a Smart Growth Toolkit for policy makers

Applications for $50,000 or less in funding will be reviewed and approved by the Issues Mobilization Subcommittee of the Virginia REALTORS® Public Policy Committee. Requests of more than $50,000 must also be approved by the Virginia REALTORS® Board of Directors.

For more information about the Issues Mobilization Fund, email us at

Apply Here — Issue Mobilization - Application