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Episode: 21 – Virginia First-time Homebuyer Programs

The home buying process can be particularly daunting for first-time buyers. First-time homebuyer programs can help ease the financial burden associated with this process and in today’s episode, we discuss some of these resources available to Virginia residents.

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Episode: 20 – Renting vs. Buying in Today’s Market

Given the current housing market, one of the top questions in the minds of many potential first-time homebuyers is “Should I buy a house or continue renting?” In today’s episode, we take a deep dive into the various aspects to consider before making this major decision.

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Episode: 19 – Selling and buying a home, is now the right time?

In 2022, the housing market went through a series of highs and lows leaving many people to wonder whether they should take a chance on buying or selling their home in 2023. We will discuss what has happened in the market and what buyers and sellers should think about before making this huge decision.

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Episode: 18 – How did Buyers and Sellers Behave in 2022?

The National Association of REALTORS® produced a Virginia 2022 Profile of Buyers and Sellers Report. This report allows real estate professionals to observe consumer behavior at their state and local level compared to the national share of all home buyers and sellers in a 12-month period.

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Episode: 17 – What is your score? Credit Scores and Housing

Many people assume that everyone has a credit score but what about those with little to no credit? In todays topic we explore this and how credit scores have effected people of color on their journey to homeownership.

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Episode: 16 – Debt in America: From Pre-COVID to Now

With everything from food and gas to the price of a vehicle going up, many people have had to take a deeper look at their finances and come up with a plan to combat rising costs. As many take a step forward to figure out what their financial future is, we are taking a look back at the US debt balance and how the pandemic led us to where we are presently.

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Episode: 15 – The Importance and Cost of Home Maintenance

There are many costs that homebuyers must factor into their budgeting but one that they tend to forget is maintenance costs. What are the routine maintenance costs and how do you budget for them?


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Episode: 14 – Manufactured Housing: Can this Be the Solution for Homebuyers?

In the current state of the housing market with mortgage rates and home prices rapidly climbing, many feel that their options are limited but there is another choice: manufactured housing. Manufactured housing is a more affordable alternative that allows you to not only own your home but also customize it to your taste.

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Episode: 13 – Homeownership Gap Between Black and White Americans.

47% vs 73%. That is the homeownership gap between Black and White Americans. What causes this gap and what can REALTORS® do about it? Leslie Frazier, Virginia REALTORS® SVP of Community and Industry Relations, joins us today to explore this topic and discuss what the organization is working on to expand access to homeownership in Virginia.

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Episode: 12 – Missing Middle Housing: What is it? And how could it help the inventory shortage?

Today on Rooflines, Ryan interviews local housing and planning expert, David Cristeal, about “missing middle housing.” What exactly is missing middle housing? And why is it missing from the housing stock?

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Episode: 11 – Energy Efficient Appliances or Exercise Rooms: What Features do Homebuyers Want?

Home buyers are seeking out different design features as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. And buyers of different generations are in the market for homes with different types of amenities. What design features and house amenities are buyers really looking for?

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Episode: 10 – Low Inventory: What will it take to increase the availability of homes for sale?

Inventory in Virginia and across the country has been at historically low levels. Buyers are competing for fewer and fewer homes, which is the primary reason we have seen home prices rise so quickly over the past two years. Will we start to see inventory increase? Or is this low-inventory market here to stay for a while?

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Episode: 9 – 3D-printed homes: How could this emerging technology impact the housing industry, and importantly, the housing supply?

What if homes could be built faster, cheaper, and more efficiently? How would that impact the housing industry, and importantly the housing supply? We’re not too far off from a potential paradigm shift in housing. On this week’s edition of Rooflines, we’re diving into the emerging trend of 3D-printed homes. Join us to learn more about this intriguing trend!

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Episode: 8 – Investors in the Market: Market Disruptor or Business As Usual?

Over the past year, investors have been snapping up homes, prompting concerns about how Wall Street firms are pushing out regular home buyers. But the story is much more nuanced. Join us for a discussion about the story behind the story when it comes to investors in the housing market.

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Episode: 7 – New Construction Market: Buyer demand is strong, so why are there so few homes being built?

New home construction is a critical piece to the supply puzzle. With so much demand out there in the housing market, and the inventory of existing homes for sale at an all-time low, why is there not a flood of new homes hitting the market? We’ll take a look at some of the biggest challenges facing the new home sector in this edition of Rooflines!

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Episode: 6 – Seniors in the Housing Market: What do Senior Buyers Want?

Seniors are a large—and growing—part of Virginia’s housing market. Where is the senior population growing the fastest? And what are senior homebuyers looking for?

Read more about senior housing preferences in NAR’s Home Buyers and Sellers Generational Trends report.

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Episode: 5 – Profile of Home Buyers: What do Home Buyers Want?

NAR’s Profile of Homebuyers and Sellers has lots of information about the characteristics, preferences, and behaviors of buyers. What are the most important things we should know about home buyers in this current market?

Check out the 2021 NAR Profile of Homebuyers and Sellers.

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Episode: 4 – Foreclosures: Are They Going to Flood the Market?

Are foreclosures coming to Virginia’s housing market? We’ll take a deep dive into what we know about foreclosures and to dispel some myths about foreclosure trends.

Check out foreclosure and delinquency statistics for Virginia and other states at Black Knight’s site.

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Episode: 3 – Condos: Are Buyers Ready to Move Back into Urban Areas?

During the pandemic, there was a lot of talk about people fleeing urban areas and flocking to small towns and rural communities. In some urban areas in Virginia, the condo market took a hit; on the other hand, there are some places where condo inventories increased significantly. What are the recent trends in the condo market and where is the condo market headed in 2022?

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Episode: 2 – Housing Affordability: Affordable for Whom?

Have you wondered how we measure housing affordability or what people means when they talk about “affordable housing”? We’ll walk through the who, what, and how of housing affordability, and also discuss potential solutions to growing affordability challenges in Virginia.

For more information on housing affordability, take a look at Housing Forward Virginia’s Housing Affordability Index.

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Episode: 1 – Pandemic Housing Market Trends: Here to Stay or Going Away?

So much has changed during the pandemic, including the housing market. But what elements of the housing market will be with us as we emerge from the pandemic? And which are likely to go away?

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Introduction Episode – Welcome to Rooflines!

Curious about what this NEW podcast is all about? Listen to the intro now.

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