The Virginia REALTORS® Board of Directors represents all members of the Association equally to administer the affairs of the Association within the Bylaws and Strategic Plan approved by the Delegate Body.

Interested in applying for the Virginia REALTORS Board of Directors? See our Board FAQs below to review the roles, responsibilities, criteria, and other FAQs about the Board of Directors.

New This Year!  A video of the candidate answering pre-selected questions will be required of all Board of Director applicants. Please carefully read the requirements under the FAQ “Everything you need to know about applying for the Board of Directors.”

The application period has now closed.

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Everything you need to know about applying for the Board of Directors.

Q: What information do I need to provide when applying for a Board of Directors seat?

A: For faster and easier completion of your Board of Directors application, we suggest you collect the following information prior to starting your application:

  • A recent high-resolution photo of yourself in .jpg or .png format
  • Real Estate License #
  • NRDS ID #
  • # of licensees in your firm/office
  • # of branches in your firm
  • Information on your sales/property management production, or if in management or ownership, your firm or branch office volume.
  • A résumé (Optional)
  • Professional or educational designations earned
  • Previous REALTOR®/ professional group involvement & accomplishments (if not provided in resume)
  • Disclosures regarding violations against your license, felony conviction(s), and/or professional standards violations
  • Create a 4-minute video answering pre-selected questions. Please refer to FAQ “Do I need to submit an application video” for details.
  • Letter(s) of recommendation (Optional)
    • Note: You do not need to submit a letter of recommendation from your local association. Local AEs may submit recommendations directly to as long as it is submitted prior to the application deadline.

Q: If I need to stop while filling out the application, can I save it and return to it at a later time?

A: Yes. Be sure to click on the “Save and Continue Later” button and enter your email address. You will receive an email with a link to return to your application to continue where you left off. Should you have any problems with returning to your saved application, please contact

Q: Can I update or change my application after I’ve submitted it?

A: No. Once you submit your application, you cannot change it or add additional information.

Q: Do I need to submit an application video? (NEW REQUIREMENT)

Yes. All candidates for the Board of Directors are required to submit a (maximum) 4-minute video answering several pre-selected questions. Click here to access the Candidates Video Submission Criteria. Your video should be submitted within 48 hours of submitting your Board application.  Your video, along with your candidate packet, will be posted on a Virginia REALTORS® web page accessible to the VAR Delegates prior to the Delegate Body meeting at the VAR Annual Convention.

Q: What are the specifications and processes to submit my Board application video?

A: Please click here to access the Candidates Video Submission Criteria. This provides all guidelines for video, recording, and submission.

Q: Must I campaign for a seat on the Board of Directors?

A: No. While all candidates are expected to attend the Delegate Body meeting at the VAR Annual Convention to address the delegates and answer any questions, campaigning prior to the Delegate Body meeting is an optional choice for all candidates and not a requirement. A roster of the delegates will be provided to candidates for the sole purpose of campaigning should they choose to do so.

Q: Do I have to speak at the Delegate Body meeting at Annual Convention?

A: All Board candidates are expected to address the Delegates and answer any questions that may arise. Remarks to the Delegate Body may only be made live and in person by the actual candidate. Details regarding speaking at the Delegate Body meeting will be provided closer to the meeting date.

What are the criteria for Virginia Board Candidates?

Board of Directors Candidate Requirements are as follows:

  1. Shall complete the online application, which includes your video answering pre-selected questions;
  2. Shall have been a Virginia REALTOR® for at least five successive years immediately preceding candidacy;
  3. Shall be currently actively engaged in the business of real estate as a primary occupation;
  4. Shall disclose any finding of violation against their license due to direct action of the candidate by the Virginia Real Estate Board or similar state regulatory authority within the last five (5) years as well as previous felony convictions. A felony conviction shall disqualify a candidate or current sitting member from service on the VAR Board of Directors;
  5. Shall disclose any instances within the immediately preceding five years in which the candidate has been found by a professional standards hearing panel to have violated the REALTOR® Code of Ethics. This requirement is for self-disclosure by a candidate for Board of Directors, and in no way compels disclosure of otherwise confidential information by a Member Association, the Association or other party. Any candidate who fails to disclose any findings of ethics violations as required by these Bylaws waives any right of confidentiality against a Member Association that may notify the Association of such omission.
  6. May have a formal endorsement by the appropriate Member Association, but it is not required.  Additional letters of recommendation are to be submitted at the time of your application;
  7. Shall sign a commitment statement indicating that if elected, the candidate will faithfully fulfill all duties, including meeting attendance and participation and will serve and abide by Association policies and procedures;
  8. Shall either be currently serving or have served on an Association Standing Committee, Specialty Group, Board of Directors, Work Group, Task Force, Delegate Body or Advisory Board for at least one (1) year in the immediate three (3) year period preceding application, or must have completed the Virginia Leadership Academy.
What Tier is my Local Association?

Tier A

  • Northern Virginia Association of REALTORS®

Tier B

  • Hampton Roads REALTORS® Association
  • REALTOR® Association of Prince William
  • Richmond Association of REALTORS®

Tier C

  • Blue Ridge Association of REALTORS®
  • Charlottesville Area Association of REALTORS®
  • Dulles Area Association of REALTORS®
  • Fredericksburg Area Association of REALTORS®
  • Greater Piedmont REALTORS®
  • Lynchburg Association of REALTORS®
  • New River Valley Association of REALTORS®
  • Roanoke Valley Association of REALTORS®
  • Southside Virginia Association of REALTORS®
  • Virginia Peninsula Association of REALTORS®
  • Williamsburg Area Association of REALTORS®

Tier D

  • Bristol Tennessee/Virginia Association of REALTORS®
  • Chesapeake Bay & Rivers Association of REALTORS®
  • Dan River Region Association of REALTORS®
  • Eastern Shore Association of REALTORS®
  • Greater Augusta Association of REALTORS®
  • Harrisonburg/Rockingham Association of REALTORS®
  • Martinsville, Henry & Patrick Counties Association of REALTORS®
  • Massanutten Association of REALTORS®
  • Northern Neck Association of REALTORS®
  • Rockbridge Highlands REALTORS®
  • South Central Association of REALTORS®
  • Southern Piedmont Land and Lake Association of REALTORS®
  • Southwest Virginia Association of REALTORS®
What is the election process for a seat on the Board of Directors?
  1. A candidate must run in the tier to which his or her primary or secondary Member Association is assigned.
  2. Complete and submit the online application in its entirety, including your video answering pre-selected application questions. Applicants may provide endorsement letters voluntarily for inclusion in their application package. Applicants are not required to obtain local association endorsements or participate in local association nomination processes.
  3. Applications must be submitted via the online process only.
  4. A roster of the delegates will be provided to all candidates for the purpose of campaigning.
  5. Candidates are expected to attend the Delegate Body meeting during the Virginia REALTORS® Annual Convention to address the Delegate Body and respond to any questions prior to the electoral vote. Remarks to the Delegate Body may only be made by the actual candidate.
  6. Candidates will be elected by the members of the Delegate Body during the Virginia REALTORS® Annual Convention based on the candidates receiving the highest number of votes and the number of vacant seats in each tier.
What are the governing responsibilities and authority of the Board of Directors?

Members of the Board of Directors represent all members of the Association equally, and not a particular subset thereof. The Board of Directors has general charge of the affairs of the Association. The Board of Directors approve the annual program/budget, adopt the legislative package, elect officers, recommend changes to the Association strategic plan and Bylaws amendments, approve the content of and amendments to the Policies & Procedures Manual, and consider requests and suggestions of standing committees or other groups.

How often does the Board of Directors meet?

The Board of Directors has four (4) regularly scheduled meetings in a fiscal year. January during the Leadership Summit and Business Meeting, April and June at the Virginia REALTORS® Headquarters Office in Glen Allen, and during the Annual Convention in September.

How should I prepare for the Board of Directors meeting?

Meeting notifications are sent thirty (30) days prior to all meetings. Meeting materials will be available on the Board of Directors Resource page on the Virginia REALTORS® website ten (10) days prior to all meetings. Due to the large quantity of materials (and in an effort to save trees), the Board of Directors are asked to bring their own meeting materials.

What is the parliamentary procedure of the State Association?

The latest edition of Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised (9th Edition) is the authority governing all State Association meetings.

When will I receive information regarding travel and hotel arrangements for the business related to being a Director?

You can view Section 4.4.B Travel Reimbursement Policies for Board of Directors in the Policy and Procedures Manual on the Virginia REALTORS® website at any time. Directors will also receive detailed information at the Leadership Summit and Business Meetings at the beginning of each fiscal year.

Can a person volunteer as a Virginia Director and a RPAC Disbursement Trustee at the same time?

Yes. Volunteer members may serve on both boards simultaneously.

How do I become an Officer of the Board of Directors?
  1. The Board of Directors will elect three association officers for the ensuing elective year including a Treasurer, Vice President and President-Elect (who shall succeed to President without a further election). The position of President will also be elected if the President-Elect is unable or unwilling to move up. The President, President-Elect and Vice President may not serve successive terms. The Treasurer will be elected for a one-year term, and may serve no more than four (4) full consecutive terms.
  2. A candidate for election as an Association officer must be a current member of the Board of Directors or shall have served as a Board of Directors member within the most recent five years.
  3. Board of Directors members interested in being an Officer must complete the online Officer Candidate Application. The Officer Candidate Application must be submitted to the CEO thirty (30) days prior to the election meeting. The CEO shall provide copies of the Applications to all Board of Directors members at least ten (10) days before the election meeting.
  4. One member of the Leadership Team will call each candidate individually to respond to any questions and ensure that the candidates fully understand the responsibilities of the respective position.
  5. At the summer Board of Directors meeting, each candidate will have the opportunity to speak for up to 5 minutes and respond to questions from the Board of Directors (while other candidates for that position are NOT in the room).
  6. By secret ballot, the Board of Directors will elect the Officers. Candidates and current officers (including President) also may vote. The election shall be by majority vote.
How will I ever keep up with all the business of the Association?

You can count on the staff to keep you informed through the Association’s many communication vehicles such as:

  • The association website and blog
  • Weekly e-Newsletter
  • Attend conferences and meetings
  • Follow us on social media – Facebook and/or Twitter
What is the best way to ensure my contact information is correct on rosters and email distribution lists?

Each member should make sure his/her information in the NAR database (NRDS) is current. NRDS allows you to update your personal contact information yourself from the NAR website. However, changes in your business contact information need to be handled by your local association.

Should I apply for a committee position if I'm planning on running for a seat on the Board?

Yes! If you are interested in a state committee position, you must apply for that committee even if you’re planning to run for a seat on the Board. Committee positions are appointed before the Board of Directors election is held at Annual Convention. Because Directors may not serve on both a state committee and the Board, if you are selected for a committee and then later elected to the Board, you will be asked to resign your position on the committee. If you do not win a seat on the Board, you will be able to serve on the committee as appointed.