PM Certified is a property management certification featuring coursework that enhances your knowledge of property management law, regulations, agency, leases, rental maintenance as well as provides YOU tools for business and career success. Student complete eight classes within three years and have at least one year of property management experience or 10 management agreements. Upon completion, students can then fill out the PM Certified Graduation application for review. In order to maintain the PM Certified certification, a member must attend and complete an annual Virginia REALTORS® PMX: Spring Update.

Join us in celebrating the following PM Certified graduates!

Tricia Anderson

Stacey Angel

Pamela Artis

Savannah Bannister

Virginia Barefoot

Deborah Baxter

Sally Bennett

Stuart Bice

Dawn Billow

Augustine Boyce

Victoria Brumfield

Jacquelyn Bullis

Marcy Caffrey

Timothy Carson

Robert Chamberlain Jr

Jennifer Chapman

Delicia Cole

Sandra Crowder

Shannon Curtis

Jessica Cutler

Antoinette Daniel

Jennifer Dilday

Marita Dorr

Yvette Driver

Elizabeth Duesberry

Charles Dunlap

Tracy Etheridge-Brown

Dylan Farish

Joie Ford

Robin Frank

Barbara Gaul

Jan Germain

Lisa Gillen

Whitney Godfrey

Kasey Green

Amy Hafer

Heather Hamilton

Corinna Hanauer

Susan Harrison

Cynthia Hawks White

Meredith Hayes

Kristina Hedrick

Dwain Henson

Nicolette Hickman

Trudy Hoff

Whitney Huffman

Amanda Ivey

Tiffany Izenour

James Jackson

Dawn Josemans

Danielle Kenny

Thomas Kenny

Lynda Kidd-Johnson

Lynn Kirk

Elizabeth Kistler

Mary Kulesa

Elizabeth Lee

Erik Leuschner

Jeffrey Marrah

Darnell Martin

Evelyn Martin

Karen McKenzie

Stephanie Michael

Allison Miller

Charles Miller

Valarie Miller

Tina Moon

Danny Moore

Mallory Napier

Penny Neil

Karen Ogden Olmstead

David Oglesby

Sherry Palmer

Courtney Parks

Rebecca Partin

Donna Paxton

Virginia Payne

Kimberly Plourde

Lauren Preston

Mary Prior

Marshall Ramsey

Cindy Reed

Katrina Reid

Patricia Richter

Brendan Riley

Christina Roccaforte

Terri Rose

Christine Rudman

Rebecca Schneider

Eugenia Sexton

Molly Shurm

Jennifer Siegrist

Ramona Simmons

Robyn Smeltzer

Kimberly Smiley

Karen Souder

Suzanne Starling

Jennifer Stephens

Jennifer Stokes

Shanna Story

Elizabeth Stuart

David Stull

Joyce Taylor

Tracy Terry

Karen Tomlin

Petrina Tyree

Atalie Van Dam

Traci VanCamp

Terrance Vangelos

Baylee Wang

David Warner

Christina Williams

Lisa Williamson

Chrissy Wright

Virginia Wright

Sixin Yang

Kimberly Young

Lamonte Young

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This is a Virginia REALTORS® Certification (or Certification Course). Property Management (PM) Certified is not affiliated with or endorsed by the National Association of REALTORS®.