Memorial Day has passed, the kids are out of school, and all the signs of summer are here. Traditionally, summer is a busy time in real estate, and it is also a time when many families go on vacation. This includes REALTORS® and their families.  

REALTORS® work hard and many work odd hours to accommodate the work and life schedules of their clients. Furthermore, REALTORS® work months and sometimes even years to achieve their clients’ goals. REALTORS® deserve vacations like other working people.   

Nevertheless, representing clients as a REALTOR® includes duties and responsibilities that other jobs may not. REALTORS® are always required to act in the best interests of their clients, and there is no exception or suspension of these duties while on vacation. Ongoing transactions do not pause because one of the REALTORS® is out of town.   

How can REALTORS® take the time off from work they deserve while still adequately representing their clients? 

First, prepare ahead of time. Ensure that you know all important dates and events that may occur in your transactions while you are away. For example, make sure you are tracking contingency deadlines that will pass while you are away on vacation, and have a plan in place to address these important deadlines. Additionally, communicate with your clients about your time away. You do not need to give all your clients your travel itinerary, but at least let them know the dates you will be gone.  

Second, consult with your broker or other REALTORS® in your firm for support and assistance with clients and transactions while you are away. Some firms may already have policies and procedures in place when licensees go on vacation. Check your office policy manuals, and if you need an office policy manual, Virginia REALTORS® provides templates in our Broker Resources. 

Lastly, there may be some issues that arise while on vacation that are just too important to not address immediately. If such an event occurs, you may need to take time away from your vacation activities and make a phone call or send an email. Hopefully, if you follow the second point above, your broker or another REALTOR® in your firm can handle emergencies.  

In sum, have a plan in place for your business and clients while on vacation so that you can enjoy your time off without worry.