As you gear up for the spring and summer housing markets, share these cleaning tips with your clients so their homes are ready for showings, sales, or just a refresh.

Take it Room by Room
It can be overwhelming to attempt the whole home in one day even if you want a good deep clean. Suggest your clients lay out a plan for what they can realistically accomplish each day and before they know it, the whole place will be spotless! Some items that may get forgotten could include inside AND behind the refrigerator, spot treating carpet stains, cleaning the grout between tile, dusting (including the blinds!), and organizing the pantry. You can also suggest clients think about decluttering some areas as they clean—even donating one item from each room can make a difference.

The Outdoor Spaces Need a Cleanse, Too
You can’t forget the outside areas because that’s where the first impressions are made! On patios and decks, sweep or power wash debris, check for any needed repairs, and consider retouching the stain. It’s almost time to plant your summer gardens; start by removing any dead plants and weeds so you have space for a fresh layer of soil. The flower beds could use a retouch from the winter, too. Now is a great time to add some new mulch and pick out which varieties you want this year. Other hidden outdoor spots to check for cleaning and repair include gutters, light fixtures, windows, and any other exterior surfaces.

DIY Cleaning Products
Your clients may also be reluctant to start a big spring-cleaning project because of the cost of cleaning products they’ll need to buy at the store. There are many useful products that they may already have right in their pantry that are low on cost AND low on extra chemicals. Some common household items used for cleaning could be vinegar, baking soda, corn starch, lemon, or essential oils. In addition to these items, they can find a ton of great recipes online depending on what surface they need to clean. They may not even need to go to the store to get started!

The days are longer, the weather is warmer, the showings are happening, and it’s a great time to give the home a good cleaning.