April is Fair Housing Month and it’s coming soon! While we know you are committed to Fair Housing and show your support all year long, what can you do right now to get prepared for next month?

Evaluate Yourself
Take a step back and make sure you are up to date on the latest laws and that you practice those when you do business. If it’s been a while, refamiliarize yourself with the state and federal laws. Make sure everything you publish also complies with Fair Housing, including advertising materials and your internal company policies or manuals. It could be a good idea to always document communications and transactions so you can remain consistent in everything you do.

Another way to get started is through Fairhaven, which you can now complete through our Learning Center AND earn 1 hour or CE credit. Fairhaven is an online simulation training in which agents will confront discrimination in real estate from the point of view of both the agent and the client. This training is a great tool to get you ahead of the game and up to date on the latest Fair Housing Law. Since the training includes real-life scenarios that could occur in your daily business, you’ll be better prepared.

NAR Resources
In addition to completing Fairhaven, NAR has many great resources to help further your education on Fair Housing AND content to share on your pages to show that you support Fair Housing practices. To be prepared before the month of April even begins, you can check out their list of book and video recommendations and add them to your lists. More of a podcast or article person? There are links to those too! Be sure to check out the toolkit to download the latest shareable graphics and resources.

Take action now so YOU are ready for Fair Housing Month this April and beyond.