Give your home a fresh look (or share the info with your clients!) before heading into winter. Check out some of the latest home renovation trends for fall.

Outdoor Spaces
The humidity is gone, so this is the perfect time of year to spend some time outdoors. Try refreshing the landscaping with some seasonal plants that will hold up in cold temperatures like pansies or snowdrops. You could find some other varieties that are low maintenance for when you don’t want to venture outside. Maybe you’re even in the market for a deck or patio extension. This could be a great addition to your outdoor oasis!

Updated Color Palettes
Is there a room in your home you’ve been wanting to change around a bit? Add some touches of color with your decor choices, or you could even completely overhaul with a fresh paint color. Create the cozy atmosphere you want for those chilly mornings with warm Earth tones like browns and reds.

Sustainable Renovations
Now could be a great time to check on the insulation in your home. Some spots may just need a quick touch up or you may find an area needs to be entirely replaced. Keep the heat inside by taking time to check those tricky spots. You could also shop around for energy-efficient upgrades like doors and windows. There may be better options on the market to help keep the energy bill down this winter.

Smart Home Integrations
No, we’re not talking about the 1999 movie, Smart House. Now’s a great time to look into smart thermostats or lighting that you can control from your smartphone. Forget to turn down the thermostat before a big trip? No problem! There are even smart lighting packages that go beyond just turning the lights on and off. These additions could mean big savings for you (and your clients) over time, not to mention the cool features.

Entryway Upgrades
As people come and go through your entryways this season, whether for spending more time outside, hosting gatherings, or your clients’ showings, it’s a great excuse to spruce up those spaces. Try swapping out some old decor that’s gone unnoticed or add some much-needed storage.

Before the winter and new year creep up quickly, take a moment to plan out some renovations to give your home that extra special look and feel this season.