Please join us in congratulating the esteemed Virginia REALTORS® who have been appointed to NAR committees for 2024. In total, 102 Virginia REALTORS® members and staff have been selected to serve on NAR committees for the upcoming year.

Congratulations to the following Virginia REALTORS® on being selected for NAR committee positions (all leadership positions are listed in bold):

Arlene Archer – Conventional Financing and Policy Committee

Lorraine Arora – Global Business and Alliances Committee Immediate Past Chair

Nassia Asgill – Diversity Committee

Deborah A. Baisden – Member Communications Committee Chair

Debbie Baxter – Professional Development Committee

Quinton Beckham – Diversity Committee

Brad Boland – REALTOR® Party Trustees for Campaign Services Committee

Beckwith Bolle Kilgore – Public Policy Coordinating Committee

Candice Bower – FPC Advisory Committee

Felicia Brewster – Insurance Committee

Carrie Brown – Land Use Property Rights and Environment Committee

Page Browning – Broker Engagement Council

Carl Burt – Risk Management Issues Committee

Tom Campbell – Professional Standards Committee

Robert Carney – Broker Engagement Council

Miranda Carter – Small Broker Committee

Timothy Churchwell – Commercial Real Estate Research Advisory Board

Jonathan Coles – Professional Development Committee

Reggie Copeland – Diversity Committee

Dennis Cronk – Past Presidents’ Advisory Group

Beth Dalton – Federal Independent Expenditures Advisory Board Vice Chair, RPAC Trustees Federal Disbursement Committee Vice Chair

Michelle Doherty – Strategic Planning Committee, Young Professionals Network Advisory Board Chair

Joan Dorsey – Land Use Property Rights and Environment Committee

Meg Dorsey – Consumer Advocacy Outreach Advisory Board, Consumer Communications Committee

Mary Dykstra – Legal Action Committee

Heather Embry – Meeting and Conference Committee

Carla Evans – Single Family Investment Management Committee

Maria Flaks – Consumer Communications Committee

Rachel Foster – Professional Development Committee

Leslie J. Frazier – AEC/Association Diversity Advisory Board Immediate Past Chair

Joe Funkhouser – Distinguished Service Award Council

Kemper Funkhouser – PS Interpretations and Procedures Advisory Board, Professional Standards Committee

Beth Grant – Membership Policy and Board Jurisdiction Committee

Lynn Grimsley – Professional Standards Committee

Eric Hash – AEC-AE Institute Advisory Board

Kit Hale – Executive Committee

Cindy Hawks White – Local Leadership Idea Exchange Council Chair

Dorcas Helfant-Browning – Past Presidents’ Advisory Board

S. Lisa Herndon – Federal Financing & Housing Policy Committee

Stacy Holscher – Risk Management Issues Committee

Nathan Hughes – Commercial Committee, Smart Growth Advisory Board

Cecelia Jenifer – CIPS Advisory Board

Jeremy Johnson – Housing Opportunities Committee

Martin Johnson – Public Policy Coordinating Committee

Matthew Kahn – Insurance Committee

Dawn Kennedy – AEC/Association Diversity Advisory Board

Betty Kingery – Multiple Listing Issues and Policies Committee

Erin Kormann – Risk Management Issues Committee

Kristin Krupp – Conventional Financing and Policy Committee

Nicholas Lagos – Risk Management Issues Committee Chair

Rebeca Lamas Gallegos – Commercial Federal Policy Committee

Thebra Lawrence – Conventional Financing and Policy Committee

Mary Lawson – Housing Opportunities Committee

Donald Marr – Business Issues Policy Committee

Sherry Maser – Public Policy Coordinating Committee, Resort and Second Home Real Estate Committee Chair, Single Family Investment Management Committee, Sustainability Advisory Group

Ryan T. McLaughlin – RPAC Major Investor Council

Casey Menish – Consumer Communications Committee

Kiki Metz – Federal Financing & Housing Policy Committee

Kaéra Mims – Broker Engagement Committee

Jay Mitchell – Region 3 Vice President, Executive Committee

Laura M. Murray – Legal Action Committee

Jina Myers – AEC-RCE Certification Advisory Board

Thai-Hung Nguyen – Leadership Academy Advisory Group

Sean Olk – Legal Action Committee

Steve Overgard – Federal Technology Policy Committee

Chandra Patterson – FPC Advisory Committee Vice Chair

Donna Patton – Idea Exchange Council for Brokers

Nancy Pav – Professional Development Committee

Mayra Piñeda – Fair Housing Policy Committee

Heather Placer Mull – Commercial Committee, Commercial Economic Issues and Trends Forum Chair, Research Committee

Kimberly Plourde – Broker Engagement Committee, State and Local Issues Policy Committee

John Powell – RPAC Trustees Fundraising Committee

Ryan Price – Research Committee

Denise Ramey – Professional Development Committee

Matthew Rathbun – Institute Advisory Committee

Curt Reichstetter – RPAC Participation Council

Christine Richardson – Member Communications Committee

Mario Rubio – CIPS Advisory Board

Claudia Sarmiento – Member Policy and Board Jurisdiction Committee

Veronica Seva-Gonzalez – Meeting and Conference Committee Immediate Past Chair

Gregory Slater – Sustainability Advisory Group

Karen K. Smith – Multiple Listing Issues and Policies Committee

Katrina M. Smith – RPAC Major Investor Council

Keith Smith – Housing Opportunities Committee

Nancy Steorts – Public Policy Coordinating Committee

Tom Stevens – Past Presidents’ Advisory Group

Shanna Story – Business Issues Policy Committee

Rebecca Straley – REALTOR® Safety Advisory Committee

Mack Strickland – Real Property Valuation Committee

Terrie L. Suit – Association Executives Committee & Forum

Derrick Swaak – Multiple Listing Issues and Policies Committee

Abigail Tammen – Meeting and Conference Committee

Peggy Todd – Insurance Committee

Christina Topoleski – Leading Edge Advisory Board

Jack Torza – Membership Policy and Board Jurisdiction Committee

Dare Tulloch – Multiple Listing Issues and Policies Committee

Dallison Veach – Member Communications Committee

Joshua Veverka – State and Local Issues Policy Committee

Cassandra Welch – Conventional Financing and Policy Committee

Lynne Wherry – AEC-RCE Certification Advisory Board

Rob Wigton – State and Local Issues Policy Committee

Arleen Yobs – Member Communications Committee, Sustainability Advisory Group