Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a huge hot topic recently (We even covered its impact on real estate in last week’s e-news!) but what does it mean for the way YOU do business? Even if you’re not quite sure about adding AI into your daily practices, this technology is here to stay, so just think of it as your own personal assistant. We have some tips on how to get started (if you want to) and some potential implications.

Take it Slow

Just as when the internet started, AI is now having its moment; however, you do not have to explore all there is to know and do right away. Maybe you want help brainstorming some phrases to use in a home listing by using ChatGPT or Jasper. You could ask for some assistance from House Canary in producing housing trend predictions just to see a different perspective. REimagine Home can help your clients envision themselves in a potential home using their own decor style. Hyro is another tool that can help collect and organize your clients if you’re busy.

There are even various programs that will take your staff meeting notes for you or explain clauses within contracts. These tools are not here to replace the work you do, nor can they provide everything you need, but they can be a helpful compliment to your hard work as a REALTOR®.

It’s All in How You Prompt It

AI has access to the entire internet and can generate responses to your questions or requests in a matter of seconds. It’s just that though–regurgitation of the entire internet. There still needs to be a real human at the other end controlling what it creates because it will only be able to decipher exactly what you ask.

For example, if you need help with writing a title, listing, or email, make sure you are specific in what you’re looking for. Try something like: “write a listing for a two-bedroom colonial home in a quiet neighborhood using adverbs and not adjectives.” Maybe you want to show your clients what the bedrooms in a listing will look like with their favorite gray wall paint instead of what’s there, so you can choose your parameters from a dropdown menu. In anything you try with AI, you will still need to proofread what it writes, set boundaries, and provide your own information. Like with all new technology, there is a bit of lag between the law and what you can now do. When using AI to alter any text or image, you must be careful of truth in advertising requirements and copyright laws.

YOU are the REALTOR®

AI will undoubtedly become more efficient as time goes on, and it can serve as your “assistant” in the great work you already do. In the end, you know your clients and your market. Your skills and personal experience as a REALTOR® are invaluable to your clients because you can find the homes and rental properties that are right for them. You also know how to navigate the intricate processes that are buying, selling, and renting homes, and THAT is what your clients look for.

AI cannot replace or outshine the expertise REALTORS® bring to the industry, but it can help you be an even better resource to your clients.