In this age of telework, virtual school, and even virtual lessons and camps, many of us are spending more time at home than ever before. Keep this in mind when staging your properties! Create peaceful environments where buyers can imagine themselves (and their families) living their best lives. Here are 5 tips to help.

  • Color–or, Not?
    At your next staging, think of cool and natural colors that bring a sense of calming. As a potential buyer walks into a home, you want them to be able to envision themselves in a comfortable environment that will be their place to relax. Bright colors may be exciting and attention-grabbing, but try bringing it down a notch when hosting potential clients.
  • Create “Places of Calm”
    Sure, folks value a great kitchen, but clients touring a home are also likely to be seeking “places of calm” if they’ll be spending a lot of time there. Whether they want an inspiring space to workout, a peaceful spot to meditate, or a comfortable and quiet office space, make sure to give some focus to the potential of these types of spaces when staging.
  • Let in the Light
    Sunlight helps the brain and enhances moods, so let some in! Try pulling back the drapes (or even removing them) and cracking the blinds to let the natural light showcase the home and boost buyers’ positive impressions of the space.
  • Removing Clutter is Removing Stress
    Research shows clutter can have a negative impact on the brain. Not only may it be hard for clients to picture themselves living here if there is too much to look at, but it may also hinder their ability to notice the important features of the home. Think–minimalism!
  • Plants, Plants, Plants
    Many people love to connect with nature to steady their mind. How better to achieve this than to bring some nature inside their potential home? Plants can help clean the air in a home. You can also find some nature-themed artwork to create a peaceful aesthetic.

Potential buyers could be spending a lot of their time in your properties. Keep wellness top of mind when staging to help create spaces where buyers can envision themselves peaceful and happy.