New year, new trends. What your buyer clients are looking for in a home will always be evolving, but we have predictions on the top layout and design options many buyers may be eyeing when touring homes this year.

Closed-Off Living Spaces
Open concept spaces, especially kitchen areas, became widely popular over the last decade. Buyers were looking for places to entertain lots of guests and areas to be able to cook, have conversations, and watch shows all at the same time. With the recent increase in working from home, people are looking for homes with more spaces they can sneak off to and have a video call while someone else can work away in the kitchen, uninterrupted. While some clients will still be hoping for these open spaces, most buyers are returning to the age of sectioned-off rooms and more privacy. Some homeowners have even begun building walls to close off their once open-concept areas.

Sentimental Design
Kitchens have recently been a space in a home that was very minimalistic, tidy, and all one color. We are traveling back to the personalized, knick-knack era where you walk into a kitchen and get a sneak peek into an owner’s family traditions. With pops of color, vintage collages, and pieces of comfort specific to the homeowner, many homes you walk into will have a unique design that really brings you back, offering a “warm” vs. “minimalistic” feel.

Stone and Marble
Marble countertops started to make an entrance in the last few years, but even more home furnishings are appearing to be made of marble and other types of stylish stone. This design piece is expanding more from just the kitchen, too, with bathroom countertops, tubs, and end tables throughout the home made of stone. When you are searching for your clients’ perfect homes, keep an eye out for pops of stone in each room.

A mix of old and new is the theme for this year. While we travel back to trends of homes past, contemporary pieces will still make their appearance for a modern touch. Stay on top of the latest trends this year when looking for your clients’ homes.