As we enter the new year, technology continues to evolve and help us. We want to share the most-used apps for real estate, straight from the mouths of REALTORS®.

While this is not a free app, our members seem to love using it for all their scheduling needs. ShowingTime is a management tool that provides REALTORS® one location for their upcoming showings, offers, and buyer’s agent contact information. You can send messages to clients, add new buyers, and log all your activities in one place. Take a look at some more of its features and decide if ShowingTime is right for your business.

PRO TIP: If you use the app’s “ShowingCart” feature, the miles you travel to and from showings will be tracked for you. Then, you can easily print or export a report PDF for tax purposes.

If you need to create a quick video to market your business or promote an event, Videoleap has templates and user-friendly video editing tools to help.

PRO TIP: Our members love to create these videos and then share them on their Instagram page for maximum reach. With sound effects, different fonts, and access to edit each frame, you can completely make it your own. Try a free trial if you’d like to check out its features; you might find something you really need. 

Instagram is primarily an app for sharing photos and videos. Some people love to find the perfect aesthetic that portrays their brand, some love it as a place to share photos of great events, and others use it as a way to communicate via comments and messages. Whatever your plan may be, Instagram can be used to market yourself and spread the word about your business. Do you have an open house coming up? Share the information on Instagram. Did your client recently share a post of their home purchase? You can share their post on your story (with their permission).

PRO TIP: If you are just starting out and want to create an account, build your brand by following other REALTORS® and businesses (and Virginia REALTORS®, of course!).

Do you love creating fun digital posts or flyers to promote your business? Canva is a quick and free app and website (though there is also a paid option) where you can design anything from social media posts to full meeting presentations. It has free templates, different font styles, and easy-to-use graphics that you can piece together to make it your own. Simply create an account, design your promotion, and download it right to your device.

PRO TIP: Upload your logo to use on free templates, and you can even play with their FREE color palette suggestions to find one that’s on brand for you.

Apps and technology can be a very helpful tool to make your life a little bit easier. Take advantage of these tools (that our members love!) to help boost your business.