It’s competitive out there! To achieve and sustain success and credibility, REALTORS® are tasked with thinking outside the box to stand out among a sea of talented colleagues.

Here are 5 ideas to help YOU stand out when the market seems flooded with agents.

Find Your Specialty

Are you interested in development? Maybe you have a knack for finding and working with foreclosures. Whatever it may be, having a specific type of home you typically go for can help you stand out from other REALTORS®. You could be the go-to condo agent in your area, making clients refuse to go to anyone else if this type of sale is what they need. You don’t need to choose just one, but you could think about narrowing down your interests and spreading the word about what type of real estate is best for you.

Be an Expert

Whether you are fresh to the career or a seasoned veteran, it can be helpful to brush up on all there is to know about real estate whenever you can find some down time. Virginia REALTORS® supplies economic blogs with insights on the latest market trends specific to Virginia. You can also take part in our continuing education options. It’s also always a great idea to keep up with the latest episodes of our legal podcast, Caveat REALTOR®. These concise episodes are informative, easy to digest, and entertaining! Subscribing will keep you in-the-know on all updates related to new laws and standard form changes. When you are a REALTOR® who can provide the latest market insights, clients will be more inclined to seek out your services.

Have an Online Presence

Whether it be a personal website or social media business pages, you need to be online to make your reach go even farther. Make sure you keep your website or pages up to date, and try to be as responsive as possible so potential clients have another way to get in touch. Those that would like to work with you in buying or selling a home can get to know and trust you before even reaching out.

Build Your Community

Get your name out there! You are likely part of a specific area or community in which you focus your time and efforts. You can always be working to spread the word about your business or market yourself to people in your town you haven’t yet met. Host a fundraiser, hand out goodies at a local event, or leave your marketing items at businesses that agree to help. These seemingly small tactics can result in a lasting impression on future clients.

Be Flexible and Responsive

While you should always prioritize your time and make sure you take care of yourself, it’s important to also be flexible for your clients. If your schedule is more accessible than the next agent, clients are going to choose you as their REALTOR®. It’s also important to be as responsive as possible. Sales are moving quickly, and clients are asking questions and needing advice, so it’s imperative that you answer in a timely manner so they feel confident you are there for them. If you need to set some boundaries for your own well-being, choose a few hours where you can put your phone on “do not disturb”, and let your clients know about these hours.

Take a moment to stop and check-in to see if you are doing these 5 key things to stay on top of the game and get the most out of your market.