Building Virtual Relationships

Many industries, including real estate, are staying virtual in some or all aspects of the profession. In most ways, virtual work is an easier and more efficient process of getting things done, but it can be different when trying to foster a relationship with someone. If you are seeing clients in person less frequently, how can you build and keep the same type of relationships in the virtual world?

Consider an Introductory Video

One easy way to allow your clients time to get to know you is by creating an introduction video they can watch even before they meet you virtually. Talk about things in your life you might discuss with someone you meet initially in person, such as your family, hobbies, or why you became a REALTOR®. This quick project can help your new and existing clients connect with you and find things you both may have in common, and make that first video call a little more comfortable. Once they know you and connect with you, it can make your REALTOR®-client relationship that much stronger.

Get to Know Your Client

What is your client looking for in a REALTOR® and what are they wanting to accomplish? This is an important aspect of your career regardless of whether it happens in person or virtually. Get to know their needs and wants so you can help them right away. Have an open mind when meeting your client virtually for the first time, and don’t make any assumptions about them ahead of time. Ask specific questions that will help you really know them so you can connect and build that foundation. Having these conversations virtually can even help with your in-person meetings because you have already taken care of some ground work ahead of time.

Build Trust

Make sure clients are aware of the process they will go through with you and that they picked the right agent for their needs. Show them work you have accomplished in the past, the steps you will take with them to meet their specific needs, the clients you still have relationships with, and then try to be flexible with their schedule. Make sure to continually check in even if there seems to be a lull in the market or if your client is taking their time deciding on something. Continuing to check in with them will help show that you are someone who is proactive and can help them gets things done. (But remember: checking in shows you care, while being pushy will push clients away.)

The virtual world may be new and different for REALTORS®, but it is possible to have build and maintain strong relationships with clients no matter the setting, as long as you put thought and time into them.