Whether they are taking last-minute vacations, helping move someone into college or trade school, back-to-school shopping, or getting their classroom ready, your clients are busy right now. Buying or selling a home may not be the top priority on their minds, so how do you still reach them and keep your business steady? We have some ways you can keep in touch with current clients and reach new ones this fall.

Host Fundraisers
Back-to-school supplies can add up for your clients! It is also just one more thing on their to-do list. You can help them out while also getting your name out there by hosting a fundraiser or celebration where people can come drop off supplies and have a conversation with you at the same time. Anyone could attend this event, whether it be existing clients you can mingle with or new people to whom you could be introduced. All the while, you are providing an opportunity for people to donate supplies or pick up anything they need.

Be Flexible and Persistent
You know it’s getting busy for your clients, and we know you are busy, too. One way you can stay ahead of the game and keep in touch with your clients now, more than ever, is to plan ahead and be flexible with their schedules. Make appointments far enough in advance so they know they are available and work around their schedule as much as your life allows. This will show how much you are there for them and give them more time to work with you. If you haven’t heard from someone in a while, reach out again. People today are getting notifications from everywhere, and some of those messages may get lost. If you stay persistent, it will help you stay in touch with your clients.

Hold Your Own Class
You be the teacher! Maybe you have some potential clients that are interested in buying or selling a home soon but are not quite ready. You could create an information session where you provide information about what you do, home selling or home buying tips, financial information, or anything else you deem important for future clients to know. Want to make it even more accessible and flexible? Host a virtual session where people can join from wherever they may be.

As the market ebbs and flows, and clients’ lives become busier, keep your business going strong this back-to-school season.