Students are heading back to school, and that means your property needs to be ready for the influx of check-ins, move-ins, maintenance requests, and the large number of people in general. We have some tips to help you prepare over the next few weeks for the return of your student residents.

Make a Plan for Check-In
You know better than anyone, check-in day can be a tough one. Having a plan made in advance that all staff members are on board for can keep your day organized and stress-free. Plan a meeting with all staff members to discuss things like when everyone will arrive for the day, designated spots for each person, what job each staff member will be in charge of, and who the go-to person will be should issues arise. Make sure any questions your staff members have are answered so everyone can go into the day knowing exactly what’s happening. You may even want to plan to provide some breakfast and coffee that morning to get your team energized for the day!

Take Care of Major Maintenance Issues in Advance
Look ahead at a calendar of maintenance issues you may think will come up in the next few weeks and try to get those taken care of before students come. Is there something that has been put off until now? You may want to consider resolving most maintenance requests to allow time for your team to be ready for anything new that may come up with move-in. The new residents are getting a fresh eye on their apartment and may have some small things that need fixing once they have settled. With large amounts of students all at once, these things could add up. You don’t want them piling up on requests that could have been done earlier, so get a head start!

One Last Look at Amenities
Students need a place to live while they get an education, but the amenities may be a huge draw for them, too. Make sure if your property has a pool, gym, basketball court, or other recreation areas, that they are in good shape and ready for students and families to use them immediately. This can be a great way for your residents to spend down time when moving in or have one last fun time with their families. You want to make sure everything works and is clean to show off the perks of your property.

Planning ahead is the name of the game to best prepare for the return of residents to your property. If your team is on the same page and your property is clean and ready to go, move-in day will be a breeze!