As priorities change and home lifestyles become more about functionality, some design trends that have been with us for a few years may be coming to an end. As you advise your sellers, or as you help buyers navigate what they may want, we have some trend updates for you to keep in mind. The key word right now? “Livability.”

Open Concept
In an age where more people are at home, private workspaces and multifunctional rooms are at the forefront of designers’ and homeowners’ minds. Some buyers find that open layouts aren’t conducive to their needs, as office spaces or home gyms are more important. As you work with your clients this year, you may start to notice buyers phasing out of the need for an open layout and instead looking for homes with more useful space and privacy.

Neutrals and All-White
Color is back! Whether it’s just being used on a few pieces in a room to spice up a neutral wall color or a complete overhaul of colors and patterns, different colors are making their way into homes today. You will start to see unique patterns on rugs or furniture used to differentiate a room lacking color. You may also notice dark walls and wallpaper taking the place of an open and bright colored room. The all-white kitchens, gray rooms, and other neutral palettes are being taken over little by little with some color, so it may be something worth quickly discussing before listing your clients’ homes.

Basic Decor
Sustainability and functionality are key elements of decorating homes this year and pieces that do not serve a purpose other than show will start to find their way out. Things like empty vases, small sculptures, or other non-functional objects are not seen as something useful in the home. What is popping up in homes instead? Some may take the minimalist route and not have very much decor at all, but some items to keep in mind may be trinket dishes, floating shelves, or indoor plants.

“Livability” is the word this year in terms of interior design. Homeowners and potential buyers want a space that they will enjoy and use. Keep these trend insights in mind as you work with your clients this year.

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