May is Mental Health Awareness Month and taking a step back to consider your mental health—as well as the health of those you work with—is important all year. Given the unique demands of a career in real estate (not to mention the ups and downs of the market), it is imperative that you stop and check in with yourself as often as possible. Not only is keeping track of your mental health important to your personal life, it can also help ensure you do the best possible job for your clients.

Managing Mental Health in Real Estate

We have compiled a list of new and interesting ways you can check in with yourself and help stabilize any stress you may feel throughout your day.

Get Outside
Try to go outside whenever possible–not necessarily in the traditional sense. You can switch up your routine and walk to get coffee if it’s close by. If time and safety allow, walk or bike to a showing. You may even try yoga outside the office if there is downtime between clients. A little bit of fresh air and Vitamin D can be major mood boosters.

Laugh or Smile
Try to find ways to have a good laugh or even just smile. Search funny jokes or videos on the internet or try to think of a funny memory you have. Laughing can help lighten the mood and break up some of your day. If you don’t have time to search for something funny, simply make yourself smile, even if you are smiling at nothing. Studies show that the physical act of smiling produces serotonin, which is an antidepressant.

Send a Message
Is there someone you haven’t talked to in a while but have been missing? Send a quick text or email to check up on them. You could even write a note with pen and paper to give it more of a personal touch. Hearing from you could brighten their day, and hearing back from them could help you feel relaxed, too!

Cook a New Recipe
You may have a recipe saved somewhere in your search history or maybe one in a recipe book you have been waiting to make. If you enjoy the process and love a new dish, this could help you take a break and relax in a new way! For extra relaxation, find a recipe that uses ingredients you already have at home.

Spend Uninterrupted Time with a Pet
We take our dogs out and we hang out with our cats in the evening, but is there a little bit of time in your day that you can dedicate to playing with your pet or just spending time at its side? Pets help reduce stress and anxiety, ease loneliness, and can even benefit your cardiovascular health. Spending time with a four-legged friend will benefit you both and maybe even get in some unintentional exercise!

Whatever your choice of relaxing may be, find a small part of your day to fit it in. You will be glad you did!