As the weather gets warmer and inventory rises, buyers will be looking for those great first impressions as they get out and tour homes. As of April 2022, the hashtag #curbappeal had over one million posts on Instagram, so it is definitely something buyers are looking for in a home. In this current market, many buyers have had to wait outside a home for their chance to get a showing of an in-demand property, meaning buyers are staring at homes’ exteriors even longer than they normally would!

The broad concept of landscaping or adding details to the exterior of the home may seem daunting and expensive, but we will highlight some of the quick and inexpensive ways to guide your clients to spruce up their homes in a pinch.

  1. One way to brighten up the look of the yard and make things look fresh is to add new mulch to flower beds and trim trees or shrubs in the area. Not only can this help avoid an overgrown look, but it will help highlight other features of the home that may have been covered.
  2. Throughout all showings, keep the lawn and walkways clean and clear. This may include a fresh lawn cut or simply picking up any debris or trash around the area.
  3. Ensure the mailbox is attractive and in good shape. As potential buyers drive up and look for the house, it may be the first thing they notice. Make sure to touch up the paint on the house number, too.
  4. The focus before a showing may be to keep the interior clean, but make sure the exterior walls and windows have been cleaned as well. The outside is the very first chance sellers have to make an impression.
  5. To enhance the entrance to the home, consider repainting the door or adding some new seating and decor to the front porch. These small features can add up to make a home look welcoming as people walk up and wait to enter.

There are long-term ideas you could suggest to sellers to begin doing early, but this list provides options that do not take all their time or money so you can be a better resource to your client as you get ready to sell their home. Check out more curb appeal tips from the National Association of REALTORS®.