There is no question that the current market is leaning toward sellers right now, but how can you help your clients that are buying a property? Learn some key ways you can help your buyers confidently tour and put offers on homes.

Establish a Set of Basic Parameters
It is important that everyone is on the same page about a budget, needs and wants in a home, and location. Having a plan will eliminate as many speed bumps as possible. Homes are selling quickly, and, on average, they are going for over asking price. If you and your buyers have a budget and strategically look at homes under this budget, it may allow for more aggressive offers when it comes time to make one. This can help your clients beat out the competition!

Provide Emotional Support
Support your clients by allowing them to remain hopeful even if they do not get some homes they wanted at first, but also help them be realistic. Amid the current difficulties facing buyers, being a supportive and proactive REALTOR® will go a long way. Explain that they should of course be excited about a potential home but remain neutral until an offer is actually accepted. Once that happens, it is surely worth celebrating.

Manage Expectations
Patience is a virtue in the home buying process right now. Of course, the market is moving swiftly, but work with your clients to explore more than one option. It’s important to keep in mind the plan you all initially set and make sure a home is really what they want. Something special that is just right will eventually come to market, even if it takes some time, so be sure they know from the beginning that finding a home requires extra time and patience right now.

Encourage Healthy Flexibility
You may also encourage buyers to be flexible when looking at homes. Is this home missing one small piece they wanted but is very far under budget? Suggest some potential remodeling projects they could do to make it the perfect home they envisioned. It may just need a little personal touch of their own.

You have what it takes to be there for your buyers in this market. All you need is a plan and the ability to provide them with some sound guidance as you make your way around to all their prospective homes.