March 12th marks the last scheduled day of the 2022 General Assembly Session, and it’s been an incredibly positive and productive time for the Virginia REALTORS®. While most of the legislation has been acted on, there are still a few pending issues. Here’s a by-the-numbers look at the Session as we approach the final day.

That’s a lot of bills

The Virginia REALTORS® Government Relations team examined every piece of legislation (that’s 3,134 bills and resolutions!) to determine if it impacted you, your clients, and/or your business. Out of those, the Virginia REALTORS® Public Policy Committee (PPC) reviewed 286 pieces of legislation and took a position to support, amend, oppose, or monitor each of those bills.

How did our Legislative Agenda do?

The Virginia REALTORS® Legislative Agenda passed with nearly unanimous support – total final passage of 1,386 “yes” votes to 4 no “votes.” All of our bills are being communicated to the governor for his review and final approval into law. Here’s the final passage vote counts for our bills.

Virginia REALTORS® Legislation Patron Bill Number House Vote Senate Vote
Common Interest Communities Senator Monty Mason SB 197 99-0 40-0
Common Interest Communities Delegate David Bulova HB 470 99-0 40-0
Death or Disability of a Broker Senator David Suetterlein SB 510 99-0 40-0
Title Disclosures Senator Adam Ebbin SB 311 100-0 40-0
Title Disclosures Delegate Carrie Coyner HB 281 99-0 40-0
VREB – Escrow Liability Senator Lynwood Lewis SB 533 99-0 40-0
Health Plans Senator George Barker SB 335 97-2 40-0
Health Plans Delegate Keith Hodges HB 768 95-2 40-0
Seller Settlement Representation Delegate Jay Leftwich HB 1364 100-0 40-0
Seller Settlement Representation Senator Lynwood Lewis SB 775 99-0 40-0

Next Steps

The Virginia REALTORS® Government Relations team will continue to provide updates as the dust settles on the General Assembly Session. Be on the lookout for education content from the Virginia REALTORS® Legal team later in the spring to help prepare you for when these new laws are enacted. As always, feel free to reach out to a member of the Government Relations team directly, or email us at if you have questions or feedback.