Take a Look at Your Current Virginia REALTORS® 2021 Legislative Agenda Updated 1/14/21

Association Health Plans

Patrons: Senator George Barker – SB 1341 & Delegate Chris Hurst – HB 2033

Virginia law already allows certain business and trade groups to pool together in an Association Health Plan (AHP) to offer their members another choice for affordable, quality health insurance. Because of the self-employed status of our members, thousands of Virginia REALTORS® are prohibited from accessing affordable coverage through AHPs. In the 2021 General Assembly, Virginia REALTORS® is seeking a narrowly tailored law that will specifically allow our association to pursue the AHP option, thus limiting the potential impact on the broader health insurance market.


Consumer Awareness – Flood Risk Report

Patrons:  Senator Lynwood Lewis – SB 1389

Virginia REALTORS® is seeking legislation to create a Flood Risk Report from the data already on public websites of the on the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR).  The legislation would also add this provision to the Buyer Beware Disclosure.  The Flood Risk Report would be a simplified and easily accessible source of information on flooding and flood insurance for potential homebuyers.


Property Owners and Condo Owners Associations (POA/COA)

Patron: Delegate David Bulova – HB 1816

 Virginia REALTORS® worked with stakeholders in the Common Interest Community to introduce legislation that will allow property owner and condo unit owners associations to conduct regular and annual meetings through electronic means. The Attorney General has already opined that these meetings can be held electronically but stakeholders believe it would be prudent to add this to the Virginia Code.


Protecting Tenants During the Foreclosure Process

Patron: Delegate Marcus Simon – HB 2229

 Federal legislation re-enacted the Protecting Tenants at Foreclosure Act (PTFA) in 2018. The PTFA requires that a purchaser at foreclosure allow a tenant to continue to occupy the rental dwelling unit for up to 90 days if the purchaser is buying the house as their home and up to the balance of the term of the existing lease if the purchaser is buying the house for investment.  Virginia REALTORS® is seeking legislation to conform Virginia law to the PTFA.

The Government Relations team will continue provide more detailed information on the 2021 Virginia REALTORS® Legislative Agenda as the Session progresses. If you have questions or thoughts about the agenda, please contact us at advocacy@virginiarealtors.org.