Governor Appointment

On July 3rd, it was announced that Governor Glenn Youngkin has appointed Virginia REALTORS® Chief External Affairs Officer Martin Johnson to the Virginia Housing Commission. Effective immediately, Martin will serve a four-year term as a voting member of the commission.

The Virginia Housing Commission (VHC) exists to study and provide legislative solutions to ensure the availability of safe, sound, and affordable housing in Virginia. The group conducts studies and makes recommendations concerning real property, community development, land use, and other housing-related issues. The VHC is a standing commission comprised of legislative members as well as Governor Appointees.

“I want to thank Governor Youngkin for this appointment,” says Johnson. “The Housing Commission is a great venue to develop bi-partisan policies to bring forward to the Virginia General Assembly and the Governor. The need to increase housing inventory throughout the commonwealth has never been as important as it is right now, and I look forward to working with Chairwoman Mamie Locke and other colleagues to develop policies that will help do that.  We know, through the research that our team produces, that more housing means prices will stabilize over time, that more buyers will engage in the process, and that more Virginians will be able to attain the dream of homeownership.”