How's your mental health? May is Mental Health Awareness month. Take time to focus on you.Mental health is a huge component of our overall health. In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, check out these tips to help keep your mental health in check.

  1. Physical Health: Take care of your physical health by exercising regularly and getting enough sleep. Doing this also helps to destress.
  2. Connect with Others: Enjoy a meal with someone or join a social group. Both can be done virtually! We need positive connections with other people.
  3. Practice Gratitude: Choose three things every morning that you’re grateful for. Doing so will get your brain focused on the good things happening in your life.
  4. Play: Playing games can be a real mood booster and can also help you feel connected to your friends.
  5. Music: Throw on your favorite playlist and have jam session. Dancing can help with your physical wellbeing and can be emotionally uplifting.
  6. Vitamin D: Now that summer is approaching, take advantage of the beautiful sunlight. Enjoy Mother Nature and don’t forget your sunscreen.
  7. Do What You Enjoy: Whether you like adult coloring books or yoga, do whatever it is that makes you happy.
  8. Ask for Help: It’s okay to ask for help when you’re not feeling okay. Everyone goes through patches where they’re not feeling their best. Don’t be ashamed to ask your friends and family for help.

Keep in mind, these are just tips and not actual medical advice. For more information on mental health resources, click here.