REALTORS®, what do you love the most about your city? What made you fall in love with your city? Was it the restaurants? The people? The scenery? Selling the benefits of a city to your clients is all about the image you craft for them. One of the biggest decisions a person can make is where they choose to live. Keep these tips top of mind when sharing the love for your city with your clients. Feeling creative? Put together a city guide for your clients to help make them feel at home. 

  1. Highlight the hottest restaurants in town– We’ve always heard that they best way to win someone over is with food. Ask your potential clients what their favorite type of food is. Do your research and recommend the best restaurants in your city for them to try!
  2. Touch on the scenic spots– Make this fun for them! Think of the best views in your city and take them there before or after a listing appointment. Bonus! This will allow you more time to get to know them.
  3. Focus on their wants– It’s important to know your audience. Whatever it is they that love to do the most, find the best of that specific thing. They are trusting you to help them not only buy a home but to make them feel at home.
  4. Showcase your personality– The most important thing is to have fun selling homes around the city you love. Share with your potential clients why you love the city so much. You are the expert! Who knows a city better than a REALTOR®?


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