As REALTORS® we should always aim to raise awareness of fair housing issues and end housing discrimination. As we approach April, it is important for us to put forth extra effort in this space for National Fair housing Month.

This April will look a little different. We are still battling impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and living in a virtual world, but we are also entering the month following some tremendous hate crimes against Asian Americans. Crimes against any group are unacceptable, but to target a group based on race and to also draw conclusions that said race is responsible for the pandemic are tragic. The Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Community has faced increased scrutiny since the pandemic began. These incidents are evidence that–although we have made much progress in race relations and fair housing in our nation–we still have a long way to go.  We encourage conversations, expressions of love, and the calling out of inappropriate behavior during this time and always.

It is important for us to be educated on these issues–particularly as they relate to the AAPI Community–and how to properly respond. For those who want to learn more, attend the Asian-American Real Estate Association of America’s (AREAA) 2021 Diversity & Fair Housing Summit, April 28th-29th, 2021.

In addition, here are some steps that you can take in preparation for Fair Housing Month:

Step 1:  Learn what Fair Housing Month is and the history behind its establishment.

Step 2:  Plan for April activities: webinars, social media posts, virtual events, etc.

Step 3:  Do a big push for Fairhaven! Fairhaven is NAR’s interactive fair housing

training tool. It’s a great way for anyone to learn more about fair housing

through various scenarios as agents and as buyers.

Step 4:  Plan to take a Fair Housing class. Virginia REALTORS® will soon offer a Fair

Housing class available to all members.


Virginia REALTORS® also has additional resources for sales meetings related to Fair Housing and COVID-19 that can be found here.