Virginia REALTORS® is excited to announce the appointments of several members to National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) committee leadership positions. Our association is being well represented by these individuals.

Please join us in congratulating these much-appreciated Virginia REALTORS® who have been appointed to NAR committee leadership positions for 2021.

Ryan Conrad– AE Forum Vice Chair and Association Executives Committee Vice Chair

Mary Dykstra– Leading Edge Advisory Board Vice Chair

Heather Elias– Emerging Business & Technology Forum Vice Chair

Joseph Funkhouser– Distinguished Service Award Council Vice Chair

Beckwith Bolle Kilgore– Meeting and Conference Committee Chair

Thai-Hung Nguyen– Global Business and Alliances Committee Chair

Mario Rubio– Global Alliances Advisory Board Vice Chair

Mack Strickland– Real Property Valuation Committee

Pat Sury– Conventional Financing and Policy Committee Chair