As a REALTOR®, your brand is everything. Let’s say a potential client is browsing your social media because they want to buy or list a home. They may know that a REALTOR® is held to a higher standard. What they see from browsing your social media could turn that potential client into someone who is no longer interested in pursuing you. You can avoid that by following these social media etiquette tips:

  1. You are what you share – What you post to social media is a representation of you and your business. Think of the internet as your life’s track record. Just be mindful of what image you’re crafting and how that could affect potential business opportunities.
  2. Responding to messages – REALTORS® are very busy people and keeping up with all the emails and social media messages can be very time consuming. It’s difficult to take back a message that you sent when you were tired or angry. Make it a point to respond to messages when you’re in your best mood.
  3. Engaging in online conversations –When it comes to your business, social media is a great way to connect with people you’d like to work with, while also increasing your brand. It’s important to remember that when you’re participating in conversations on multiple platforms and to be sure you aren’t bullying or ganging up on others.
  4. Posting private information – It’s easy to forget about what we should and shouldn’t post. Avoid posting either your own or someone else’s private information online.
  5. Remember MRP – Money, Religion, and Politics. These topics can be very compelling but can sometimes lead to heated discussions and aren’t worth losing friends or potential clients over. In the end, it is up to YOU to decide your online reputation and brand.

You are representing your brand and your firm. In addition to these tips, also check with your firm on their guidelines and protocol.