The final walk through: your opportunity to make certain the property your clients are purchasing is in the condition in which they’ve agreed to buy it.

Check out these real-life scenarios in which final walk throughs presented unique challenges, and learn how to help YOUR clients avoid similar snags.

1)    When the Bags Aren’t Packed… Our legal team learned of a REALTOR® who waited until the night before closing to perform their final walk through. The agent was shocked to see all the furniture and household items exactly where they’d been during the showing. Nothing had been packed! It turns out the seller was from another state where the law was very different, and they believed they would have 30 to 60 days after closing before they were required to exit. Be sure to conduct a walk through far enough in advance that there is time to remedy any issue(s).

2)    When a Tree Falls… One of our REALTOR® members revealed that she always does an extra walk through on closing day, even if the “final” walk through already occurred on another day. Why? Several years ago, she completed a final walk through about a week prior to settlement. When closing day arrived, she swung by the property for one last look. Much to her surprise, a tree had fallen on the roof of the house that morning! Thanks to this REALTOR®‘s thoroughness, her last look saved her buyers from purchasing a severely damaged property. Be sure to walk through properties on the day of settlement to ensure no last-minute disasters have occurred.

3)    When Life Gets in the Way… Another REALTOR® worked with a grieving son who was selling his father’s home shortly after his death.  Understandably, the trauma of the situation delayed his packing efforts. When the REALTOR® realized he wouldn’t be ready by closing, both the buyer’s and seller’s agents rolled up their sleeves to help get it done. Be sure to treat every client with understanding. THIS is the type of service clients will never forget.