Now that we’ve fully entered the fall season, it’s time to prepare your home for the colder months ahead. Winterizing your home can help keep it running efficiently and save on the costs of heating. Below are a few tips that will help prepare your home for the winter.

  1. Show your plumbing pipes some love– Insulating the pipes in the unheated areas of your house can help prevent freezing pipes. When water gets inside of a pipe and freezes, your pipes can crack or burst. According to the Red Cross, installing specific products made to insulate water pipes can provide some degree of protection. If you have an irrigation system or any outdoor plumbing, be sure to consult with a professional to flush the system.
  2. Fix drafty doors and windows– Consider using a draft stopper to prevent cold air from passing into rooms and windows. Installing a window insulation kit can also add a layer of insulation between the window and the plastic.
  3. Prep your roof– Ice dams are extremely dangerous and can prevent the water from melting snow to drain properly. Cleaning your gutters of leaf debris is a great way to avoid ice dams.
  4. Check your heating system– If you haven’t already turned your heat on, turn it on to be sure that your heating system is working properly. Also, change the air filters on your heating system regularly. Every two to three months is ideal.
  5. Get your fireplace ready– It’s a great time to hire a professional to do a chimney sweep. They’ll be able to identify any potential fire hazards and inspect the damper for any damage.


We’re wishing you a safe and happy winter season!