By: Guest Author, Virginia REALTORS® Senior Vice President of Member Programs, Adam Smith

REALTORS® are pillars in each of our communities. In a tight market, it’s essential for us to show that we are more than just a transaction coordinator. We help our clients achieve lofty goals, build families, and feel welcomed and comfortable in their new neighborhoods. As the year ends, we would like to share a few ideas about how you can show your appreciation for their business and remind them that you are always there for any future needs.

  • Send out Thanksgiving cards sharing how thankful you are for your client’s business and friendship.
  • Send out New Year’s cards to wish them great health and happiness in the upcoming year.
  • Host a client appreciation reception for current and past clients. If you can, ask them to bring a friend that would be interested in working with you.
  • If you see that a family has welcomed a new baby into the family, send them a note with a small gift.
  • If you are participating in a community event, invite your clients to come out so that you can introduce them to neighbors.
  • Reach out from time to time just to check in and to let them know that they matter to you.

There are so many ways to show appreciate. In the end, kindness and authentic relationships will keep you happy, your current and past clients happy, and will create success for your future.