There’s no denying the power of email. The modern-day consumer (i.e., your client) identifies email as one of the most preferred methods of communication.

Despite how common email marketing has become, many REALTORS® make common mistakes that detract from the effectiveness of their efforts. Be sure to avoid the following missteps.

  • Don’t become white noise. Too many people focus on quantity over quality when it comes to email marketing. Instead of determining how many emails to send and then determining the purpose of each, determine what your clients need, and work backwards from there. If you send emails simply to stay on clients’ radars, you’re focusing on your needs…not theirs.
  • Don’t buy lists of data from third-party providers. According to RISMedia, “It is imperative that before you begin email marketing, you have your own list of prospects that you or your team has collected. Buying lists can have your domain blacklisted from email service providers, barring you and your brand from being able to send emails.”
  • Don’t slack on the subject lines! You should be putting time into crafting your subject lines. After all, the language (or emojis!) you select will determine whether your client chooses to open it. Bonus tip: Avoid using exclamation points and sales phrases such as “limited time” and “free.” These could land your emails in the spam folder.

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