By: Guest Author, Virginia REALTORS® Project Manager & Content Manager, Laura Jones

For years, movie goers looked toward Siskel and Ebert for movie reviews, and diners perused papers for opinions from the bona fide experts on restaurants. In today’s world, thanks to Yelp, Facebook, and Google (just to name a few), anybody with internet access is given the opportunity to share their opinions whether they are an “expert” or not. Reviews and ratings are now playing a key role in how people look at nearly any product or service no matter the source—even property rentals.

Property managers and property owners need to be aware of what is being said about them online and what ratings are available. Fair or not, the housing market is being looked at through the lens of reviews; it is important to have this information on your radar.

According to REALTOR® Magazine, “Sixty-four percent of renters said they used online reviews to search for a rental property at the beginning of their search, the study found. Most read between one and 10 reviews before making a decision on a rental property. Further, 85% of respondents said they looked at online ratings and reviews even after a friend or family member recommended a property.”

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