Virginia REALTORS® is excited to announce the appointments of numerous members to National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) committee leadership positions. Our association is being well represented by these individuals.

Please join us in congratulating these much-appreciated Virginia REALTORS® who have been appointed to NAR committee leadership positions.

Deborah Baisden– Regional Vice President (RVP) for NAR Region 3

Lorraine Arora– CIPS Advisory Board Chair

Nathan Hughes -Commercial Federal Policy Committee Chair

Jay Mitchell – Consumer Communications Chair

John Powell – RPAC Trustees Fundraising Committee Chair

Beckwith Bolle– Meeting and Conference Committee Vice Chair

Thai-Hung Nguyen– Global Business and Alliances Committee Vice Chair

Mack Strickland– Real Property Valuation Committee Vice Chair

Pat Sury – Conventional Financing and Policy Committee Vice Chair

Terrie Suit – Governance Game Changers PAG Vice Chair