Attention grabbing content will help you attract new followers and potential clients while keeping them engaged over time. Twitter can maximize your business—if you know how to use it.

Whether you’re new to all of this or want to brush on best practices, here are some tips and techniques to use to help fuel your business:
  • Quality is better than quantity– The number of tweets doesn’t matter. You don’t want to just put out content just to say you did. You want the content to be valuable. Keep your Tweets focused on a message.
  • Make it visually appealing– Include an image, video, or GIF with your tweets. Doing this adds a little character to your content. You’re more likely to receive higher engagement with Tweets that include photos and videos.
  • Use relevant hashtags– Hashtags are a very easy and powerful tool to be included in trending conversations. Be sure to hone in on keywords relevant to your business. (Spoiler Alert) It’s best to use no more than 2 hashtags per Tweet. For Virginia REALTORS®, we like #VirginiaREALTORS and #VArealestate.
  • Utilize the free engagement tools on Twitter– Asking questions and running polls on Twitter is an easy way to interact with your audience, spark a conversation, and get a better understanding on who is following you. Best Practice? Keep questions open-ended!
  • Don’t be stingy with the replies and retweet – Spread the Twitter love to your fellow Tweeters. Retweeting trending content and replying to tweets are great ways to maintain you Twitter presence. If you open the app and find the magnifying glass, you’ll find that Twitter breaks down what’s trending by category. It’s an easy way to keep you in the know!
Happy Tweeting!