By: Guest Author, Virginia REALTORS® Project Manager & Content Manager, Laura Jones

Photo by Audra Slinkey via NAR

As you already know, first impressions are important for dates, interviews, and home selling. Help your clients put their home’s best foot forward with a few staging strategies. Here are five cheap, easy, and seasonal staging tips.

1. Fresh Cut Flowers

Take advantage of the natural beauty that the summer provides. There are ample inexpensive options for pre-made bouquets at most local grocery stores. Purchase a couple of larger bouquets and disperse the foliage into smaller vessels throughout the home for fresh pops of color.

2. Bold Potted Plants

Brighten up your front porch with colorful potted plants. Geraniums, impatiens, and hydrangeas can all add wonderful bursts of color without breaking your bank. These low-maintenance plants come in a variety of colors and just need a little bit of water now and then! Also, you can find most of these already in decorative pots, so you won’t even have to get your hands dirty.

3. Turn Down the AC

While you might enjoy leaving the windows open for fresh air, potential buyers will want it on the chillier side and enjoy air conditioning. What little bit you might spend on your electric bill will be worth it if buyers want to spend more time milling about your property.

4. Keep Your Grass Trimmed

Make it a part of your routine to cut your grass once or twice a week! Whatever you do, do not cut your grass too short and have it burn out. The curb appeal of having a lush, green lawn will be worth the hassle of mowing once or twice per week.

5. Outdoor Seating

When the weather is nice, many buyers will be pleased by the visual and notion of outdoor living. Even if you have no desire to sit outside, your buyers might like the idea of an outdoor living space and make your home feel even more special. Even a simple bistro table and two chairs can make a positive impression.