While the weather outside is frightful, sellers can still make their homes delightful!

Winter weather prohibits certain home improvement projects that improve a home’s exterior. During the months of snow and freezing rain, you can advise your sellers to instead focus on improvement projects inside the home that will make a big impact on buyers.

HouseLogic has outlined seven indoor projects that don’t require spring temperatures. One option is to add crown molding to a room. This adds visual appeal by giving a home a custom look. Crown molding can be added to the top of walls or door frames or along the top of cabinets.

HouseLogic advises, “For professional results, be sure to pick the right size. Crown molding ranges in width from 3 to 20 inches, so choose one that’s in proportion to your ceiling height:

  • For standard 8-foot ceilings, the molding should be 2.5 to 6 inches wide.
  • For 9-foot ceilings, 3 to 7.5 inches wide.
  • For 10-foot or higher ceilings, at least 8 inches wide.”

Two ideas for upping the appeal of a bathroom include installing a new vanity, or, if a new vanity isn’t in the cards, simply install a high-quality new faucet. A new faucet will improve the look and functionality of a sink. While most plumbing projects should only be performed by professionals, faucet installations are very straightforward. Just make sure the new faucet has the same amount of mounting holes as the sink.

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Image courtesy of HouseLogic.