Finding opportunities to gain knowledge, learning the local neighborhoods, and practicing patience are all things REALTOR® Ritchie Vaughn, a member of the Harrisonburg/Rockingham Association of REALTORS®, managed to tackle during her first year in the business. Ritchie likes to refer to her first year of being a REALTOR® as “The Year of Ramen Noodles,” because that’s just about all she had time (and money) for. She was focused on building her brand and expanding her real estate skills. Ritchie takes a keen interest in politics and governance and was thrilled to attend the 2017 Legislative Advocacy Conference as a first timer. She believes that one of her main goals as a REALTOR® is to back legislation that is beneficial to the REALTOR® community and expands business opportunities.  Ritchie is attentive to local politics as well, attending her bi-weekly city council meetings to voice her perspective on issues that impact REALTORS®, residents, and the community.  For Ritchie, being a REALTOR® means so much more than selling a house. It’s her way of staying connected to her community. The gratitude of her clients, the amazing and caring REALTORS® she works with, and the diversity of her daily work are all things that keep Ritchie motivated and passionate about her job.

Now that she’s been in the industry for a few years, the tip she shares with fellow REALTORS® is: “You have to love this work if you’re going to survive. It’s great to make your own schedule but remember to be flexible.”

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