Have you ever had a buyer who was nowhere to be found?  This week’s story is an anonymous share, but an experience that can frustrate many REALTORS®. You have worked hard with a client, completed the entire home buyer process, reached the closing date, and now you can’t get in touch with your buyer. It happens more than you think and oftentimes it’s hard to understand exactly what went wrong. Selling a house is usually not a simple process, but it can become even more complicated and expensive if the buyer is not communicating effectively. Dealing with an AWOL buyer can produce stress for not only the REALTOR®, but also for the seller and the mortgage bankers. It’s imperative to be on the same page with your buyer, so make sure to stay proactive at all times and to keep that open line of communication.

The member who shared this story anonymously provided some honest wisdom for fellow REALTORS®. “Be aware of warning signs like failure to answer or return phone calls, missing appointments, and sudden changes in communication.”

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