Virginia REALTOR® Michael Guthrie is a longtime leader in the business and passionate about what makes the industry tick. As a REALTOR® since 1982 and a manager since 1986, he’s got a lot of perspective on the tools to build success. One essential skill for agents is knowing what’s happening in the market overall and regionally, and using that knowledge to demonstrate expertise and best serve clients. It’s also critical to follow the stats in order to identify business development opportunities. Knowing the inventory, ask/sold price trends, and metrics like average length of time on the market and regional volume are key to representing clients properly. If the overall market average indicates  one thing, but different geographic areas or price ranges show different trends, you’ll be able to prepare your clients and they’ll be impressed with your expertise.

Michael offers that, “When REALTORS® have a grasp of what the statistics show, they can focus on the price range or area that is most active, helping them ensure their success.”

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