Introducing Storyboard: by and for Virginia REALTORS®

Virginia REALTOR® Trish Corvelli kicks off our new Storyboard feature with a valuablestoryboard-contributors-corvelli-trish
lesson for those who are brand new to the business and seasoned members alike. Perseverance pays.

When Trish became a REALTOR® in 2003, she dove right into marketing herself and at the same time dove right into a neighbor’s unexpected ire. After following her broker’s advice to broaden recognition by leaving introductory material at homes in her area, she received an intensely angry email from a nearby neighbor. He was incensed that she had left material at his home, putting her ‘on notice’ that any further attempt at solicitation would result in legal action to defend his property rights against trespass. New to the business, Trish was stunned at the outrage to her innocuous introduction. But she kept her cool and emailed a sincere apology for the seeming intrusion. The follow up response was just as surprising as the initial anger. ‘Gary’ appreciated not only that she had taken his complaint to heart, but that she had the courage to extend herself despite his stern warning.

His words commended her effort and are an enduring lesson for all REALTORS®: “Be patient, use your instincts, set yourself apart from the rest of the crowd, when it gets tough hang in there, and you’ll do well in your new endeavor.”

The ultimate outcome? A (surprising) new friend who became a client AND a source of three referrals.

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