The rental market and weather are heating up for the summer! Add a few of our tips to your to-do list to get your rental homes in top shape for the season.

HVAC Maintenance
This one is likely at the top of your list but it’s always nice to have a reminder. Make sure filters in each of your properties have been recently replaced to get ready for summer use. It’s also not a bad idea to schedule professional maintenance to inspect and check that everything is properly working before the weather really heats up. In addition to the actual unit itself, be sure to check the sealing and insulation around the home to keep the cool air in and keep the unit working efficiently.

Pest Control
Before the summer starts is a great time to ensure all pest control is taken care of and up to date. If you checked the sealing of doors and windows during your HVAC maintenance, this should also help keep out pests, too—a two for one! Inspect all around the property and check for common entry points, applying preventative treatment as necessary. You can also check crowded landscaping areas and trim it back to keep away pests that may be swarming to those spots.

Energy Efficiency
Keep your bills down and save energy by upgrading appliances throughout your rental property. Adding programmable thermostats is a great way to only run the air conditioning when it’s needed. If possible, make sure items like refrigerators, microwaves, washers, and dryers are deemed energy efficient. You can change out light bulbs to install energy-efficient ones and look into installing curtains or shades for the windows that keep the cool air in. These types of curtains also help make more of a darkened room for your tenants to get some great sleep.

Lawn Care
Summer is generally a time when the rain slows down and the sun is out longer, potentially damaging the grass. Whether your property has irrigation, you schedule a lawn service, or your tenant is in charge of watering, it’s a good idea to check on this regularly to make sure your lawn stays well cared for. If you don’t have a lawn service, try occasionally applying fertilizer and weed control treatments to be sure you stay on top of your lawn health. A nice lawn can really transform the first impressions for a new move in!

Take some time to get your properties ready for the next few months before you get busy (or…busier). Your tenants and rental homes will be glad you did!