What’s “in” this new year? We’re providing insight on what your buyers will be looking for and what your seller and landlord clients could consider to make their spaces more appealing. Check out some top trends that could define 2024.

Smart Home Integration

Think: safety and convenience. If your clients are looking to give their home an edge over others on the market, the addition of a few smart devices may help. In addition to allowing a smart tv to convey; smart thermostats, garage and door openers, and exterior cameras that can all be controlled from an app can put a new homeowner at ease when moving in. Check out our Rooflines podcast for more information on the latest technologies.

Nooks and Crannies

Along with neutrals, the open-concept floor plan is continuing its way out. Buyers and renters are looking for unique rooms with character and spaces that have a multitude of uses. Office by day… guest room by night? Yes, please! Buyers are looking for less space but flexibility in how it can be used. Additional built-in storage in some of these areas could be a huge bonus. Have you heard of the stove-nook trend for kitchen storage? Adding shelving nooks on either side of a range that’s surrounded by an alcove is a popular way to gain useful (and stylish!) storage.

From 2023 Neutrals to 2024 Bold

Neutrals and “millennial gray” were staples during the last few years, but be on the lookout for bold color and design choices in homes this year. From moody, charcoal walls to playful and color-filled rooms, clients and designers alike are looking to change it up. One trick clients can try to refresh a large space: paint one wall a darker color and give the surrounding walls a lighter color from the same paint color swatch!

Continuing the Earthy & Sustainable

A connection with nature continues to remain a top priority for homeowners, from decorating with Earth-inspired objects to keeping design choices sustainable. Have your clients consider shopping for unique home decor at a thrift store or online marketplace. Other top sustainable home design options may include furniture made of bamboo or recycled materials. Indoor plants will remain a staple, providing both a pop of color and a fresh outdoor aesthetic.

Be sure to keep your clients up to date on the latest trends so YOU can be their ultimate resource in the homeownership journey.