When REALTORS® show up at the polls, we can achieve major wins for our industry. This was certainly the case last week, as RPAC-endorsed candidates saw a 97.7% win rate! Take a look at this year’s impressive final numbers.

General Election Results:
For REALTORS® and RPAC, our trustees endorsed 37 candidates in the State Senate, and were successful in electing or re-electing 36 of those 37 candidates, a 97.3% success rate. In the House of Delegates, RPAC endorsed 95 candidates, with 93 of those being elected or re-elected, a 97.9% success rate. Altogether, RPAC endorsed in 132 races, with 129 of those being elected, a 97.7% win rate.

Noteworthy Numbers:
# of Pieces of Mail Sent in REALTOR® Champion Districts (General Election): 224,468

# digital impressions (ads seen) on devices in REALTOR®-Champion Districts (General Election): Over 2,000,000

And finally, the closest race in the 2023 General Election was won by only 74 votes and was won by a REALTOR® Champion candidate who received REALTOR® Campaign Services. That result highlights the impact of RPAC and the importance of EVERY single vote.