Every year in Virginia is an election year, and every year thousands of Virginia REALTORS® cast their ballot to elect and re-elect REALTOR® Champions who will make decisions on behalf of your business and the lives of your clients. This year, all 140 members of Virginia’s General Assembly are on the ballot, and will run in newly redistricted areas. This means that a lot of new-to-you faces will be on your ballot.

That’s why it’s more important now than ever to cast your REALTOR® vote.

The first step is to ensure you are registered to vote. If you’ve never registered or have moved since the last election, make sure you are prepared to vote in this year’s General Election.

The deadline to register in Virginia is Monday, October 16th. You can register to vote or check your current registration on the Virginia Department of Elections voter website.

More than 91% of Virginia REALTORS® are registered to vote.  If you aren’t part of that 91%, there is no time like the present to register, cast your ballot, and make your REALTOR® Voice heard!