As the Nation keeps a watchful eye on November here in Virginia, there is one final candidate to highlight from the 2023 Primary Elections. This is a candidate that you may know, or may have even worked alongside, because she is a REALTOR® too!

A huge win for REALTORS®, Angelia Williams Graves’ victory in the 2023 Primary Election ensures that one more REALTOR® Champion candidate moves forward on the path to representing REALTORS® in the Virginia Senate. As a REALTOR®, Angelia knows the issues that you face each day and works to improve the industry for you, your business, and your clients. Angelia expressed her gratitude for her REALTOR® colleagues in the message below.

“As a candidate, legislator, and REALTOR®, my experiences dealing with the association are more all-encompassing than some of my colleagues. The support Virginia REALTORS® provides to candidates is second-to-none. More importantly, your commitment to being exemplary members of communities across the commonwealth speaks volumes. I’m proud of the previous, current, and future support of Virginia REALTORS® and am proud to be a part of that tight-knit Virginia REALTOR® community. My goal is to represent you well in the Virginia General Assembly.


Angelia Williams Graves”

You can learn more about Angelia and her campaign on her website. Because when REALTOR® champions win, REALTORS® win!